Monday, 12 December 2011

A visit to the doctors

Went to see my GP today and was told that I have chronic tension-type headache. A fancy way of saying 'you're stressing too much so your head hurts!' The doctor's advice: try not to stress! Much easier said than done. I told him that I've applied for medicine and I'm stressing about my interview and A-Levels. He just laughed and said the stress has only begun. -____-

The thing is though I really don't mind stress. I've been stressed for the last year and have kinda got used to it. I'm prepared to go through a whole heap o stress, it'll be more than worth it if I become a doctor. :)

Also had a blood test, the nurse jabbed the needle in so hard, my arm's still hurting! :/


  1. Was just thinking about
    Hope the manchester interview went well?

  2. Thanks guys!!
    My interview was okay, better than I expected it to be anyway.
    Just hope I did enough for an offer!