Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The interview...

So, I had my interview at Manchester last week (15th December). I really don't know how it went. It was okay, my mother's reply when I told her that: 'okay? just okay? what does that even mean?' The thing is, I did well in some parts and not so well in others.

My interview was at 08:45am so I had to set off pretty early (at 7!) Even though we got into Manchester in about 20 minutes, we didn't get to the medical school until 08:15 - we got lost! So yeah, that really didn't help my already frayed nerves. And to top it all off I really wasn't feeling very well :(

The interview at Manchester is a little different to most interviews. You first have a group interview with other applicants (the part I was most dreading), where you discuss a scenario and try to come to a decision about what you think would be the best thing to do. Then you have 3 separate individual interview stations: one is about your PS and motivation for medicine, another is about how the group task went and the last one is an ethical scenario.

My group were all really nice, so that kind of calmed me down a little. But not enough. I only managed to get a couple of sentences out during the group task - my mind just went blank and most of the points I thought of had already been said. After that, we all went to the waiting room. At this point, all that was going through my head was REJECTION!

But, the 3 separate interview stations went quite well. The interviews were fairly relaxed and all the interviewers were really nice! It was more like we were just having a chat rather than them shooting questions at me (like I had imagined). The ethical question did stump me for a while but the interviewer pushed me quite a bit and I think I came up with some good points.

So yeah. That's it. I'm trying my best not to think too much about it but it's all I can think about! I just keep coming up with better answers that I could have given. I just really hope I did enough to get an offer, it's al I want!!

Also checked TSR this morning and people are starting to get offers from Manchester - I can't stop checking my emails! >.<

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