Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rain and aeroplanes.

My flight is booked for tommorow, can't wait! I really miss the rain (yes, I love rain). Have been checking the weather forecast and there's some snow warnings! Snow is great, well until it freezes over and I have to run to the shops. Then it's not so nice. >.<

I got an email from Liverpool yesterday, the subject was 'Liverpool Medical School' so I was super excited, turns out they just wanted to ask something about my grades! :(

I've been doing some prep from the ISC book - the hardest question by far is 'Why Medicine?' I know why I want to do medicine, the answer seems great in my head but when I come to actually telling someone why, it ends up sounding like a load of cliched crap. I really need to do well at my Manchester interview, since I'm getting the feeling that this is gonna be my only interview, but as long as I manage to get an offer I really won't mind. When I'm really nervous, my mind tends to go completely blank and my voice goes all weird. And I know I'm gonna be EXTREMELY nervous at my interview. Oh well, just have to do loads of prep and hope for the best.

Hm, I think that's all for now. My room's a tip and I've yet to start packing (why do I always leave everything to the last minute?), so I'll go do that now. I'll probably blog after my interview now, wish me luck! ^_^


  1. Good luck!!
    I got an email from Liverpool about my grades and then days later they sent me an interview invite so its a good sign! :)